MessageLabs Email Security

MessageLabs Email Protect

Only MessageLabs can assure you of complete peace of mind when it comes to internet messaging. MessageLabs guarantees 100% protection from email viruses and will stop around 95% of spam.

There is no software to install, no signatures to update. the threat is managed on the Internet; before it reaches your network.

MessageLabs Email Control

MessageLabs email control gives you unparalleled ability to regulate what goes through your email communications, both inbound and outbound.

MessageLabs Email Secure

MessageLabs boundary to boundary encryption guarantees complete confidentiality without the inconvenience of user based password encryption.

MessageLabs Email Recover

Never lose another email. MessageLabs Email Recover ensures that your business email communication is never lost.

100% Protection from ALL email viruses; known and unknown.

Stop Spam before it gets to your network.

MessageLabs Web Security

MessageLabs Web Protect

MessageLabs now protects your network from web based threats. Block spy ware, key loggers, spam bots and other malware from your network.

MessageLabs Web Control

Are concerned that your staff doesn't limit their internet use to business related sites? Up to 60% of Internet use from business computers is not work related. MessageLabs Web Control keeps your staff on the job and increases productivity.

MessageLabs Instant Messaging

Internet threats now come through Instant Messaging - don't leave your network exposed: be certain!

Web Assets has being selling and supporting MessageLabs in Australia since 2002.

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